Thursday, May 23, 2013

To kill a mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird
Dominic Florence

People have to make decisions everyday. Decisions such as what to wear, what to eat, or what kind of car to buy. I had to recently make a decision about whether to cut my hair or grow it long for hockey season, i decided to grow it long for hockey. When i get later on in high school i am going to have to chose what college i want to go to and what i want to master in. Maybe i’ll go to a college for hockey. There are many decisions being made everyday for many different things.
In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, Bob Ewell made a decision to blame a poor African-american for raping his daughter, Mayella. After he blamed Tom for this raping, it turned into the greatest trial in their town. Tom got a great lawyer named Atticus Finch to defend him in court. Because Bob Ewell made terrible choices, this could end of with an innocent man in jail just because he is African-american. And even worse, Bob’s daughter Mayella has to lie about what happened.
This book takes place during segregation in the Southern United states. The court room will probably be filled with all white people who will be going against Tom because he is black. So an innocent man will be sent to jail because no one believes his side of the story. Everyone in the courtroom will be racist against Tom and believe Bob because he is a white man.  “Looks like she didn't have nobody to help her. I felt right sorry for her. She seemed...” Tom Robinson said in trial. Tom is saying that he didn't think she had anyone to take care of her so he was going to and then Bob accused him of rape.
“-I seen that black nigger yonder ruttin’ on my Mayella!”, Bob Ewell said about Tom Robinson.  As you can see by this quote, even Bob is racist toward black people in the courtroom. This demonstrates how racism wasn't a big deal to white people back then,   but black people took offence to it and couldn't do anything about it because they were outnumbered and would be arrested for trying to hurt a white person. But if a white guy did anything to a black guy it would be okay.  
Bob Ewell tried to stab Scout, but luckily she had a Ham costume on and the mesh stopped the knife from piercing her skin. After trying to stab Scout, Boo radley came and stabbed Bob to save Scout from potentially getting stabbed again by Bob. Then Boo took the kids home and they had no idea it was him until later.
Every person makes decisions every day, some dumb decisions and some smart decisions.  Whether they’re the wrong decisions or the right decisions, it's still a choice you made.  For instance, Bob made a decision to blame a black man for raping his daughter and to try and kill a young girl.  He made some bad decisions and ended up paying for it by dyeing.


  1. 1. The thesis of this essay is "There are many decisions being made everyday for many different things." The essay begins with examples of how people make decisions in their lives.
    2. "Everyone in the courtroom will be racist against Tom and believe Bob because he is a white man." I thought this example was the best because it shows that the people in courtroom were almost all racist and that a fair decision would not be made on whether Tom hurt Mayella.
    3. I liked the conclusion to your essay. I thought it did a really good job summing up everything that you talked about.
    4. No suggestions.

  2. 1. The message of the essay was that many decisions are made everyday and people handle them in different ways.
    2.The first quote was my favorite because it really supported what you were trying to say.
    3. i liked how you started the essay it was very strong. I could see what you were about to tell us as readers.
    4. check for punctuation.

  3. 1. This essay is about the decisions in life which is also the thesis. I like how you tied in real life situations.

    2. I like the first quote because it shows how certain decisions can affect you in society.

    3. I like how well your essay is organized. The quotes are easy to understand and follow.

    4. you should go back and check punctuation. Other than that it was good !

  4. 1) It`s like the same beginning as mine, both describing decisions of Bob Ewell.
    2) The last one describes how Bob lied about the big rape problem.
    3) Explaining why you chose the quotes you did.
    4) Punctuation.

  5. 1. the thesis of this essay decisions are made by everybody, and how they make them.
    2.The first quote was my favorite because it really supported what you were trying to say.
    3. i liked how easy the quotes were able to be understood.
    4. Probably punctuation

  6. 1.starts with a good intro

    2. the last quote was the best

    3. i liked the layout of the story

    4. the last paragraph is spaced differently than the rest

  7. 1.) I think your intro really drags the reader in and helps the reader connect to it.

    2.) The first quote really backs up your thesis. So that one was the best.

    3.) It flowed well unlike other people essays where I couldn't understand it.

    4.) Punctuation.

  8. 1. Introduction is well done.
    2. i liked the first quote.
    3. the story was well organized.
    4. the punctuation was a little problem.